Why Proper Ventilation in your Attic Is So Important

We wrote earlier about how to properly ventilate your attic, but did not go into the specifics of why it is so important. This is covered very well in an articlerecently published at This informative piece explains several ways that proper ventilation is beneficial including:

  • It removes excess moisture from attics
  • It prevents condensation, which can damage roof sheathing
  • It helps to prevent the formation of ice dams
  • It reduces attic air temperatures in the summer
  • It may be necessary to qualify for warranties on asphalt shingles

Learn more by reading the full article here.

If you are uncertain about the quality of your roof or the ventilation in your attic, you can call on the experts at Baltic Home Improvements to schedule a roof inspection. This will include a detailed examination of your roof both on the exterior and interior of your home and will include a look at your attic ventilation.Chicago-area homeowners are encouraged to contact us today for more information.

Full article on Everybody Needs A Roof.

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