Why Homeowners Love James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding

We’ve written before about why we are big fans of James Hardie fiber cement siding, which is why we are proud to feature it as a product we install. It therefore comes as little surprise that we are far from alone in our opinion of this siding product.

We recently came across an article by Marc Dickinson at HomeAdvisor.com entitled, Hardie Board Siding Secretly Protects your Home that we felt we should share with our friends and neighbors in the southwestern Chicago suburbs.

Writing about Hardie siding, Dickinson notes that, “You may not even know when a house is covered in it because it so effortlessly creates the look of wood or vinyl siding. However this material is constructed of cement fibers.” Fiber cement, which was invented by James Hardie more than a century ago, enables homeowners to clad their homes in a beautiful siding material that can endure extreme weather conditions, as are sometimes seen in Chicago.

Dickinson lauds James Hardie siding because though it is cosmetically appealing, but its advantages do not stop there. This fiber cement siding protects your home by placing an impenetrable barrier between your home’s interior and the outdoor hazards it may face including:

  • Weather: The fiber cement is impervious to external elements such as hail, wind, rain, flying debris and humidity. Also, because it does not retain moisture, it will not swell or rot.
  • Pests: While insects and termites might get into wood product siding, they are not able to penetrate fiber cement.
  • Fire: Hardie board is fire resistant which can protect your home from exterior threats such as wildfires or fires in neighboring houses.

As an additional advantage, this extra protection that Hard siding affords your home can result in lower homeowners insurance premiums. Dickinson also praises this durable type of siding because it is competitively priced when compared with other siding options and it requires little to no maintenance. Learn more by reading the full article here.

If you are interested in getting an estimate for Hardie board siding installation on your home, we would be happy to schedule an appointment for an obligation-free assessment of your job. Baltic Home Improvements is an award-winning contracting company that has been providing exceptional customer service and quality workmanship to Chicagoland homeowners for more than a decade.Contact us today to discover what we can do for you.

Image Source: Tallguy0187