Why Fiber Cement Siding May Be the Right Choice for You

If you need to replace the siding on your home, you have a number of options. While vinyl siding is the least expensive choice, many homeowner, particularly those in older or historic home, balk at the thought of putting vinyl on their homes. One great option you have is fiber cement siding.

If you have never before considered it and do not know much about it, you may benefit from reading Lee Wallender’s article at AboutHome entitled Should You Install Fiber-Cement Siding on Your House? This informative article provides a lot of useful information, including how fiber cement siding is made and the different types of fiber cement siding that are available for your home.

More importantly, Wallender lists the pros and cons of fiber cement siding including:


  • It is more fire-resistant that vinyl or wood siding
  • It imitates the appearance of wood very well, even up close
  • It is tougher and stronger than vinyl siding
  • It is less expensive than wood siding
  • It can be painted


  • It is far more expensive than vinyl siding
  • While it can be painted, doing so is difficult and expensive
  • It requires more time to install than vinyl
  • It is not recommended that you install it yourself; hiring a professional is necessary

Learn more by reading the full article here.

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Image Source: charlie vinz