What You Need to Know about Maintaining Wood Siding

Many homeowners, particularly owners of historic homes, are attracted to wood siding as an option when they are working toward improving their homes’ exteriors.  However, unlike some of the more popular siding options such as vinyland fiber cement, cedar shakes and other wood siding options do require homeowners to invest some time in maintenance in order to keep their siding in top shape. Those who do not have experience caring for wood siding likely have a lot of questions about what is involved in their upkeep.

The information these homeowners are seeking may be found in an article by Chaya Kurtz of Networx entitled Frequently Asked Questions About Wood Siding. By answering a variety of common questions posed by homeowners, Kurtz reveals some important considerations and provides a lot of useful information. For example:

    • Paint will peel off of wood siding, so if your siding is painted, you will need to perform annual maintenance of gently cleaning and patches areas where paint may be bubbling or peeling.
    • Avoid power-washing wood siding. Instead, scrub it with a diluted bleach solution.
    • If you wish to apply a water-repellent preservative to the wood, this should be done before it is primed and painted. If not painting your siding, it can be used at a top coat.
    • If you notice your siding warped or buckling, you should call a contractor to assess the problem that is causing it.

Learn more tips and information by reading the full article here.

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