What to Ask Contractors Before They Start on Your Project

Working with a contractor can be very easy or very stressful, depending on how you approach it. For some, having working in or around their home for several hours a day is nerve-wracking. It is therefore important that you sit down to discuss the particulars before they get started on your home improvement project. 

Houzz contributor Anne Higuera, CGR, CAPS recently published a very helpful article entitled 10 Things to Discuss With Your Contractor Before Work Starts.  In this she lists and details ten very important points including:

  • Working hours and days
  • Parking and trash/recycling days
  • Access and security
  • Communication and contacts
  • Site and landscape protection
  • Neighbors
  • Location of utility shutoffs
  • Household workers and pets
  • The scheduling of regular status meetings
  • Miscellaneous questions

Here at Baltic Home Improvements, we strongly recommend that you read this article to help ensure that your experience with contractors is a positive one. 

Our experienced contractors will work hard to make your home improvement project go as smoothly as possible while providing you with quality workmanship and competitive rates. Contact us today to get more information or to schedule a free evaluation of your home improvement job.

Full article on Houzz.  Image credit: burstyriffic