Tips for Finding the Right Home Improvement Contractor

 Your house is your castle, so when you hire an outside firm to do work on it, you want to be certain that you are choosing a company that will do quality, long-lasting work; that you will not be overpaying for their services; and that they will answer your questions and address your concerns with respect. To that end, there are ways that you can ensure that the home improvement company you choose is one that you will not regret hiring.

This is the subject of a slideshow presented by general contractor Tom Silva of This Old House Magazine entitled, Top 8 Pro Tips on How to Hire a Contractor. In this slideshow, Silva lists and explains the eight most important things you should do before making a decision. These include:

  • Get recommendations. Silva provides some out-of-the-box methods for finding the names of reliable and trustworthy contractors. Read about themhere.
  • Do phone interviews: Silva recommends calling each firm on your short list and asking a series of questions, which he lists here.
  • Meet face to face: Narrow your list down to three or four contractors and arrange meetings to discuss your work. Silva lists what to look for in these meetings here.
  • Investigate the facts: Silva provides tips for getting a better feel for how your potential contractors work so you can decide if you feel comfortable with them. Learn more here.
  • Make plans and get bids: Ask the contractors you are still considering to provide you with bids for your home improvement job. Get more informationhere.
  • Arrange a payment schedule: Many home improvement jobs, such as installation of a new roof, windows, or siding, can be very expensive. Discuss payment plans and schedules with each potential contractor. Learn morehere.
  • Beware of pricing pitfalls: Silva recommends throwing out lowball bids as these contractors are likely to cut corners to make ends meets. Learn morehere.
  • Get it in writing: Be sure that any promises made to you when you speak with a potential contractor is given to you in writing so they cannot change their terms later after you have hired them. Learn what factors to get in writing here.

Armed with these tips, you should be able to make a good decision about which contractor to hire to do work on your Chicagoland home. When you are ready to start compiling a short list to get started, be sure to include Baltic Home Improvements as an option. We are confident that we will meet or exceed all of your expectations. Contact us by phone or through our convenient Web form to get started.

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