Tips for De-Icing Your Gutters this Winter

A common winter sight in the Chicagoland areas is the formation of ice dams on area homes. Ice dams are walls of ice that tend to form at the edge of homes along the gutter systems or in the soffit area. The big problem with ice dams is that snow and ice that is melting from the roof will pool up behind this ice barrier and can then leak into your home. This can result in water damage to insulation, walls, ceiling and more. Ice dams can also cause damage to your gutters.

So, what should you as a homeowner do if you notice an ice dam forming on your gutter system? This question is tackled by Justin Meyers of WonderHowTo in his useful article, How to De-Ice Your Gutters (The Secrets of Ice Dam Removal).  In this article, Meyers lists a number of methods that can be uses as well as their pros and cons so you can choose the method that is best for you.

The ice dam removal methods explained in the article include:

  • Clearing the ice with an axe
  • Using an ice-pick to break up the ice
  • Melting the ice with roof tablets
  • The pantyhose-filled-with-salt method
  • Using heated cables to melt the ice
  • Melting the ice using a blow-torch
  • Using a roof rake to clear the ice
  • Blasting away the ice using a hot-water hose

While all of these all these methods will give you results, Meyers states that the roof-rake is probably the best choice. You can learn more about each method by reading the full article here.

If ice dams or other winter-weather problems cause damage to your guttersroof, or soffit and fascia, you can turn to the experts at Baltic Home Improvements for help. Simply contact us by phone or by using our convenient web-request formand we will be happy to give you more information and schedule a consultation for a free estimate on your job. We are a trusted contracting firm that has been servicing the southwestern Chicago suburbs for more than a decade.

Image Source: Murky1