Tips for Choosing Colors for the Exterior of Your Home

Completely changing the color scheme of your home's exterior can accomplish a lot: it can improve your home’s curb appeal, it can make your house appear larger or more in sync with your neighborhood, or it can just make for a house you are more happy to come home to.  For many, however, choosing the right colors can be difficult without some guidance.

Shari Hiller, former host of HGTV’s “Room by Room,” wrote a very comprehensive article about this subject entitled Follow These Steps to Choose Exterior House Colors. Her article gives a number of tips for choosing the right colors for everything from your roof to your siding.

She offers several tips such as:

  • Get color ideas by looking at photos in home magazines.
  • Check out historical color palettes put together by paint companies.
  • Drive through your neighborhood to get color ideas.

She also specifies that there is a very specific order in which you should choose colors, stating “you wouldn’t pick the shutter color before you select the siding. So the order pretty much goes from top to bottom.” Her order for choosing colors is:

You can learn more about color selections for each of these features and get a lot more tips on choosing colors by reading the full article here.

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Image Source: Sheila Sund