The Farmer’s Almanac Predictions for 2014

The 198-year old Farmer’s Almanac has a long history of frequently accurate predictions about upcoming weather. Using a top-secret formula based on sunspots, planetary positions and lunar cycles, this publication has made long-term weather predictions that have often proven right, even when at odds with the predictions of meteorologists.

This year, the Almanac is calling for an extremely cold winter with a lot of precipitation east of the Rocky Mountains. “Shivery and shovelry are back,” said Sandi Duncan, managing editor of the Farmer’s Almanac when speaking to the Associated Press.

Many are hoping that this year, however, the Almanac got it wrong.  In fact, many climatologists are predicting a warmer winter. Speaking of the Almanac’s prediction for the upcoming winter, Mike Halpert of the Climate Prediction Center stated, “Good for them if they got it right last year, and I’ll leave it at that.”

Regardless of how bad this winter will or will not be, it is important that Chicago-area residents prepare by ensuring that their roofs are in good repair and ready to withstand whatever Illinois’ sometimes harsh climate throws their way.

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Full article on USAToday & YDR.  Image credit: 31726799@N05