The 5 Most Likely Causes of Your Gutter Clog

Clogged gutters can cause a myriad of problems for homeowners. When your home’s rainwater drainage system is not working property, it can lead to damage to your roof and gutters, water leaks into your home, and problems with the foundation of your house. It is therefore important that you address such a problem quickly.

The makers of Leaf Filter gutter protection posted a slide show with pictures of likely culprits entitled, “Top 5 Things You’ll Find Clogging Your Gutters.” We thought you might find it interesting. Included you will find photographs of:

  • Vegetative Growth:  Seeds and debris in your gutters can quickly turn into an unsightly mini garden. Not only does this impede the flow of water through your gutter system, it damages the curb appeal of your house.
  • Muck: A mud mixture of dirt, twigs, sticks, and pinecones can lead of a difficult-to-clean muck in your gutter system.
  • Leaves: The folks at Leaf Filter state that leaves are the most basic clogging culprits. Be sure to clean your gutters out in the early spring and routinely in the autumn.
  • Wildlife: All sorts of living creatures can build nests in your gutter system. These can range from insects like bees and wasps to critters like squirrels. Gutter guards can go a long way toward preventing creatures from finding your gutters to be an attractive home.
  • Spinners and Tassels: Debris from trees, such as needles, spinners and oak tassels can quickly become a big problem if you are not regularly clearing them out of your gutter system. This is another instance where a gutter guard may come in handy.

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Image source: Eric Schmuttenmaer