The 10 Most Common Roofing Designs

There are a number of different roofing styles. They are integral to the design and structure of your home so if one type of style appeals to you, it may be necessary to either house-hunt for a home that offers that feature or design and build your next home. Regardless of whether or not a new home is in your future, it can be fun to check out different roofing styles.

Laura Firszt of Networx published an article that features 10 of the most popular roofing styles. Here you will see the following types of roofs:

    • Flat – this roof offers the ability to plant vegetation on your rooftop.
    • Shed (skillion) – this is similar to flat roof but features an architecturally interesting slant.
    • Gable (pitched) – this roof has two sides that slope down from a center ridge allowing room for an attic.
    • Hipped – this type of roof has two long sides and two short sides sloping down from a center ridge.
    • Pyramid – This is similar to a hipped roof but has a sharp peak instead of a ridge.
    • Mansard – This four sided roof  had two slopes, one steeper than the other, and allows for dormer windows.
    • Gambrel, or Gambrill – Similar to a mansard roof, the ends of this roof feature vertical gables.
    • Bonnet – This is a modified pyramid roof that offers more shade to your outdoor area.
    • Curved or Arched – These roofs feature an architecturally dramatic arch.
    • Domed – While far more expensive than the other roof types, this roof offers your home aesthetic appeal.

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Image credit: grand_canyon_nps