Ten Tips for Avoiding Injuries when on the Roof

Here at Baltic Exteriors, we do not recommend that you go up on your roof yourself, but we understand that homeowners sometimes do go up to check for damage or to make minor repairs. All of our roofers are all specially trained in safety protocols and are therefore well equipped to avoid accidents and injuries. We wanted to share a few safety tips with you in the event that you do go up on your roof.

This article at Enlighten MeTop 10 Roofing Safety Tips, gives some very good advice including:

    • Do not work alone
    • Avoid walking on a wet roof
    • Wear a safety harness
    • Wear sturdy boots or shoes with good traction

and so much more.  Be sure to check out the article before climbing a ladder to your roof.

Roofing is a dangerous job, and done incorrectly, can lead to very expensive damages to your home. If you live in the southwestern Chicago suburbs and your roof needs to have work done, you have nothing to lose by contacting us for a free evaluation of your job. It’s the best way to avoid injuries.

Full article on Enlightenme.com.

Image credit: durrah