Staying Safe while Working on Your Roof

When doing any home improvement job, safety comes first. For those who prefer DIY jobs, working on a roof should be approached with extreme caution but is usually best left to the experts who are trained and experienced with working in this hazardous location. Falls and injuries can be serious, so it is crucial that workers maintain proper safety protocols.

If you insist on going up on your own roof, this safety sheet by Gemplers of Wisconsin may prove helpful. It is filled with safety tips to which you should adhere.

Included are such tips as:

    • Use on sturdy ladders that are in good condition.
    • Make sure the top of the ladder extends at least three feet above your point of contact on the roof.
    • Do not go up on the roof if you are overly tired, in poor physical shape, or ill.
    • Wear sturdy work shoes or boots that have clean, dry, nonskid soles.
    • Stay away from electrical power lines and ensure that your mechanical equipment is at least 10 feet away from these lines.
    • Always work in teams.
    • Don’t leave tools or other loose objects on the roof.
    • Do not work on the roof if it is rainy, windy or if there is a chance of lightning.

Learn more tips by reading the full document here.

Again, we must stress that roofing is dangerous work. We strongly advise that you do not do your own roofing work unless you have been specifically trained in proper safety techniques. If the roof on your Chicagoland home needs attention, the roofing experts at Baltic Home Improvements are the ones to call. Our team of roofers is highly trained in safety protocol and are required to adhere to a strict drug and alcohol policy to further ensure their safety.

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Image Source: Win Henderson