Springtime Home Maintenance Tips

Chicagoland can be a rough place to live during the winter so when springtime is finally here, residents are very happy to spend more time outdoors. On the Bob Vila website, blogger Michael Franco offers some home maintenance tips for homeowners. In this article, Franco lays out five things you should be doing now and expands on how to go about doing it. These things include:

    • Inspecting the exterior of your home: Winter can cause a lot of damage to area homes. Franco recommends inspecting your roof, (particularly around chimneys and skylights) and cleaning out your gutters so that the inevitable rain showers do not cause water damage to your house.
    • Pruning trees and bushes: Pruning trees that are growing very close to your house can also help to keep critters such as squirrels and raccoons from entering and damaging your home.
    • Cleaning:  You can use a power hose to clean windows, siding, foundations, decks gutters and patio furniture.
    • Touching up paint on exterior surfaces: Franco points out that touching up peeling paint can make everything look fresh and new.
    • Garden prepping: If you enjoy gardening, now is the time to start weeding, turning the soil and adding fertilizer to prepare your garden-space for planting.

Have fun with your springtime chores. If, while inspecting or pruning, you notice problems with your roof, gutters soffit or fascia, be sure to get assistance from an experienced and trusted local company. If you are in the Chicagoland area, you need look no further than Baltic Exteriors. Visit our website to learn more about the services we offer and then contact us to arrange a free consultation. We are certain that after one job, we will be your go-to home improvement services company.

Full article on Bob Vila.  Image credit: uteart