Soffit and Fascia 101: Everything You Need to Know

As Jeanne Matteucci says in her HGTV article Why Soffits and Fascias Are Important, “Whether you’re hiring a pro or doing it yourself, it’s important to know the parts of your roof.”

Soffit and fascia are architectural elements located along the eaves of your roof. They do more than just give your home a finished, polished look; they also protect it by keeping critters from entering your home and preventing wind and water from blowing under the eaves.

Soffit is found on the span beneath the rafter tails while fascia is the exposed horizontal band at the end of the rafters. If not properly maintained, they can become places for water to collect so it is important to keep them well-painted and sealed with caulk.

In addition to providing information about different materials of which soffit and fascia are manufactured, Matteucci’s article also offers the following useful tips:

  • If you notice mold or mildew on your soffit, clean it off with a soft brush or broom and a cleaning solution made with bleach and water.
  • Periodically check your soffit and fascia for the presence of bee, wasp or hornet nests. If you are not comfortable working on a ladder or if the nests are large, call a professional to remove them.
  • If you plan to install your vinyl fascia yourself, keep in mind that it helps to cut the pieces a bit longer than you measured so you can overlap the joints.

Learn more by reading the full article here.

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Image Source: billbeee