Skylights: More than Just Windows

Many people have skylights installed in their homes to allow more natural light in and to enhance the ambiance in certain rooms of their homes. While some may think of them a “windows in the roof,” they are far more than that. In his article Skylights Are “Windows For the Roof.” Why the Comparison Stops There, home renovations expert Lee Wallender highlights the major differences between these two products.

Some points Wallender makes include:

  • While window installations companies can competently install windows, they are not the best choice for skylight installation. A general contractor or home improvement expert with roofing experience is a better choice.
  • Windows can be used to exit a home in the event of an emergency; skylights (in most cases) cannot.
  • Unlike windows, most skylights do not open, though opening types are available.
  • Most skylights do not come with blinds or a way to block out the sun. For those in very sunny, hot climates, having a skylight can increase cooling costs unless the type with a blind is purchased.
  • Fixed (non-opening) skylights are typically leak-proof unless they have been improperly installed.
  • Vented (opening) skylights are great for ventilating excess moisture in kitchens and bathrooms, but they are more likely to have problems with leaking (though newer ones are virtually leak-proof) and they might be left open in the rain (though some automatically close at the first drop of rain).
  • Skylights are relatively inexpensive ranging from about $250 to $450 per window.

You can learn more by reading the full article here.

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Image Source: Russell Trow