Six Tips for Spring Gutter Cleaning

In our blogs, we frequently stress the need for keeping your gutters in good shape. Failure to do so can lead to significant problems in your home, including foundation issues, water leaks and mold formation. Now that spring is here, it is especially important that you are vigilant in your efforts to keep your gutters clear of debris, particularly if there are a lot of trees near your home. Remaining dead leaves, new leaf buds, seeds and pollen can all work together to cause clogs or buildup in your home’s drainage system if left unattended.

In his article, Spring Gutter Cleaning Tips, gutter expert Robert Lenney (owner and founder of Gutterglove®, Inc., a manufacturer of micro-mesh gutter guards) provides six great tips for safely and effectively cleaning out your gutters this spring. These tips include:

  • Practice ladder safety:  Use a safe and sturdy ladder, preferably one with a shelf strong enough to hold a bucket that you can fill with the debris you pull from the gutters. Lenney recommends using a fiberglass or aluminum ladder, though the fiberglass ladders are heavier and can be tiring to continually move around your house.
  • Be careful when cleaning around power lines: Make certain that the protective wire insulation is intact before working anywhere near the line. If it is not, call a licensed electrician to do the repair work. 
  • Use a garden hose with a pistol-grip trigger: This type of hose can be safely hung from the gutter as you move the ladder or while you are scooping debris from the gutter by hand.
  • Use a roof rake: Debris left on your roof can end up in your gutters later. Clean off the roof before starting your gutter maintenance work.
  • Wear rubber-soled shoes: Sometimes is it necessary to go up on your roof to clear debris or to access certain parts of your gutters. If you must go on the roof, be sure that you are wearing rubber soled shoes to prevent slippage. If possible, avoid going up on a wet roof.
  • Unclog your downspouts: You can do this by running water from your house into the downspout a full-force. Clogs can usually be cleared by tapping on the side of the downspout. Protective eyewear is recommended.

To learn more detailed information about any of these tips, be sure to read the full article here.

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