Should You Have Roofing Work Done in the Winter?

Let’s face it, roofing problems happen and they generally do not wait until it is a convenient time for you. What should you do if your roof develops a small leak or you notice loose shingles in the middle of a cold Chicago winter? Should you wait until Spring to call in a roofer? Can roofing work even be done in the winter? These answers to these questions and more are answered by Dale Shoemaker of Roof Time , LLC in his article Is Winter Time also Roof Time?

In this article, Shoemaker discusses reasons why you might choose to have the roofing work done immediately—even if winter weather is here. These include:

  • Roofers are less busy in the winter so you may not have to wait long to have your work done
  • You may qualify for winter discounts
  • Warranties on shingles remain the same whether they are installed in winter or warmer times of year
  • A leaky roof left alone in the winter can lead to bigger problems as ice expands the cracks

And he also gives good reasons why you may want to wait until Spring provided the job can wait, including:

  • Many shingle manufacturers state that shingles should be installed at temperatures of 26 degrees Fahrenheit and above
  • Adhesives may not be as affective in colder temperatures
  • The quality of the finished product may be affected be cold or wet climates

If you live in the southwestern Chicago suburbs and your roof needs attention, you can contact Baltic Home Improvements for a free assessment of your job. Our expert roofers can give you a written estimate for the work and can advise you about whether or not you are better off waiting until the weather warms up a bit. Contact us today to learn more.

Image Source: liz west