Storm Damage

Storm Damage? Call Baltic Exteriors.

Winters are hard here in the Chicago area. When hail or wind damage occurs, Baltic Exteriors can make it good as new.

When a storm damages your home, insurance is an important consideration. With Baltic Exteriors on the job, you have an ally in working with your insurance carrier. We make sure your claim is filed properly and that you get all of the reimbursement you are entitled to.

We know how and where to look for damage and how to document it in the way that insurers require. We will provide you with all the necessary forms you need to make your insurance claims. The help we provide makes it easier for you to focus on renovating your home without getting overwhelmed by paperwork.

Free Insurance & Hail Claim Assistance

Hate handling insurance claims? We will handle your claim for FREE – and do all the work for your insurance companies quoted price – GUARANTEED!

  • Free claims management and assistance.
  • Guaranteed roof replacement for insurance company estimate.
  • Complimentary roof analysis prior to you filing a claim.

The way an insurance claim is handled does make a difference!

Roofing Damage

Roofing damage may not be easy to see. Even If you don’t see missing shingles, there may still be considerable damage that isn’t apparent. 

Our experienced inspectors are trained to look for wind and hail damage that most people won’t notice. Matting under the asphalt in shingles can only be detected if you know where and how to look for it. If the winds have been particularly strong, the roof system itself may be broken. Storms can affect your roof’s warranty. It pays to repair damages promptly before it becomes worse—and more expensive—to deal with.

Vinyl and Aluminum Siding Damage

Not all hail damage is immediately visible, even with vinyl or aluminum siding. The bigger the hail, the more likely it is that there is damage. 

The structural integrity of your siding installation can be affected by even small hailstones. If you need to replace older siding and have difficulty matching it, it can result in an eyesore. Baltic Home Improvements can make certain that repair work and restoration efforts won’t affect the beauty or structural integrity of your home. We can supply all of the necessary documentation from all siding manufacturers and help resolve your claim quickly and efficiently.

We know the policies of all the insurance companies and can help you get the coverage you have coming.

Gutter Damage

After a storm, you may think that your gutters look just fine. You may not think you need to make a claim. But there may structural damage to your gutters only a trained professional will see.

The heavy toll of hail can knock gutter hangers loose, dent the bottoms of gutters, and your gutters may lose much of their function. Baltic Exteriors' inspectors can conduct a thorough inspection of your gutter system. We can make certain your insurance company won’t miss any of the damage that occurred. An independent inspection will arm you with the information you need.

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