Exterior Design

A Lasting Impression

The exterior of your house is the face of your home and shares its style and personality with the neighborhood and those just driving by. It’s the last thing you see of your home as you head into your day, and the first thing that welcomes you on your return.

Its details and materials are just as important, even more so, as the crown molding, bay window or your front door. Materials such as stone, copper, wood, steel and brick can be used to finish a specific architectural style or create a new one. Your house's exterior paint color may be the most visible design decision you make, especially if showcased with exterior lights. Architects design a home’s exterior for beauty, functionality, suitability with the lot, region, local building codes, and are guided by what you want as well as their own design influences and philosophies. It can be completely new and innovative, display a mix of influences or reflect the style of an earlier period. Popular home designs in the U.S. include Victorian, Queen Anne, Colonial Revival, Tudor, Cape Cod, Mediterranean, Craftsman, Prairie Style, Art Deco, Modern, Mid-Century Modern, Ranch Style and today’s sleek, utilitarian LEED-certified “green” design, among many other architectural styles.

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To make it easier for our customers, we put most popular design programs from manufactures on one page. It ndoesn’t matter if you are shopping for a new roof or siding, these design tools will help you to create the house of your dreams! Once you selected what you like, let us know and we will be more than happy to bring you actual material samples, so you could make your final decision without second-guessing yourself. Please click on the links below.

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