Roof types

Baltic Exteriors offers several roofing material options so you can find the styles and colors that will work within your budget.

Different Types of roofing

Most people think of a new roof installation as just a matter of banging up some shingles. But savvy homeowners know better. Today, effective roofing relies on advanced materials technology and an integrated systems approach to protect your biggest asset: your home.

cedar shake Shingles

Looking for a natural roof that will add character to your home? A cedar shake roof is an excellent option - combining long-lasting durability with immeasurable curb appeal. Cedar is the only roofing product that is truly biodegradable!

​​Asphalt shingles

The asphalt shingle roof has evolved greatly in recent years. What once was basically flat, with sand covered finish, in a choice of gray, dark gray, green, or black - is now being manufactured in architectural, shake-look, and other styles. Asphalt shingles are produced with greater visual dimension caused by shadow lines and color variations within the pattern.