Roof Replacements: What Your Insurance May Cover

Most of the time, such as when a roof has reached the end of its lifespan, homeowners must pay out-of-pocket for a new roof installation. This makes sense. Other times, homeowners may be able to get their home insurance to foot part or all of the bill.

If you are uncertain whether your new roof installation qualifies for insurance coverage, this article published by Insurance ProvidersWill my homeowners insurance pay for a new roof?, may answer your questions.

Some information provided by this article includes:

  • Most home insurance policies will cover damages caused by non-disastrous acts of God such as wind, hail and rain.
  • Coverage for disastrous perils, such as tornados, floods and earthquakes typically require you to have purchased supplemental insurance. It is a good idea to talk to your insurance representative about what is and is not covered by your policy before disaster strikes.
  • Your insurance is also likely to cover unpredictable damages to your roof, such as a tree falling onto your roof due to heavy winds.
  • Be aware of coverage limits imposed by your home insurance policy and be sure to take precautionary measures, such as cutting down dead or dying trees near your home. This can help reduce the likelihood that your claim will be denied.
  • Your insurance company may limit coverage if your roof is older or if only a small portion of the roof is damaged but you are replacing the entire roof.

Learn more about home insurance as it relates to roof damage by reading the full article here.

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