Leaking roofs, poor drainage, and clogged gutters and downspouts can lead to significant water damage inside your home. This is why it is important to get an accurate roof inspection report regularly, both for the inside and outside of the roofing structure.

​roof repair

Knowing what type of roofing system you need repaired ​can help you to find the right roofing contractor for the job. Roofing systems vary from flat to metal and everything in between, so finding a roofing contractor who specializes in your particular roofing materials is very important to ensure you get the best job at the best price. 

Here at Baltic Exteriors, we’ve worked on every type and style roofing system there is. Whether it’s three tab shingles, algae resistant shingles, tile shingles, architectural shingles, cedar shakes, hot tar roofs or flat roofs Baltic Exteriors, has the experience to repair ​any roofing system available. Baltic Exteriors, can also repair roof leaks around flashing, siding, gutters, windows, chimneys, skylights and other roofing penetrations with ease. No matter what type of roofing repair ​project you need done for your residence or business, Baltic Exteriors, has got you covered.

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​Common Roofing Repair Problems

There are many reasons why your roof might leak and you’ll need to call for an emergency service. Just because a roof leak appears in one location inside of the structure, doesn’t mean it came from that location. Water seeks its own level so that if a leak occurs at the top of the roof, it could run down the interior of the structure unexposed long before it shows itself as a puddle on your floor.   

That’s why at Baltic Exteriors we use handheld infrared scanning devices to help find hidden moisture damages that lie under roofing materials, covered from the naked eye. With the right tools, technology and experience, you can be sure Baltic Exteriors is going to solve your roofing problems quickly, efficiently and affordably.

​​signs that repair is needed

When you have any roofing problems or leaks, these common roofing problems may be the culprit: 

  • ​Damaged pipe flanges
  • ​Improperly installed ridge vents
  • ​Storm damages
  • ​Clogged/damaged gutters
  • ​Exposed roofing nails
  • ​Step flashings on walls
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    ​Skylight flashing leaks
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    ​Standing snow
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    ​High winds
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    ​Built up leaf debris

​​outdoor roof inspections

​​It is very simple to inspect a roof from the outside as long as you have a good unobstructed viewing point on the rooftop. The following checklist of problem warning signs will help you look for any potential problems during an outside roof repair inspection report.

  • ​Blistered curled or split shingles
  • ​Loose or missing shingles or tiles
  • ​Loose nails
  • ​Exposed nails (can lead to leaks in the roof)
  • ​Dark patches on asphalt shingles and/or large amounts of granules in the rain gutters (granular coating is wearing away)
  • ​Sagging on the ridges or in the center of the roof
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    ​Broken or loose shingles at the ridgelines and hip lines
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    ​Rusty or corroded metal (flashing) and loose shingles in the valleys, plumbing vents or near chimneys (it may be necessary to remove excess debris and leaves to inspect thoroughly)
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    ​Rusty metal or loose shingles where vertical sides of the house meet the roof
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    ​Overflowing gutters or excess water pooling near the foundation of the house
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    ​Blisters, depressions near vent pipes, separations in flashing, and clogged drains on flat roofs (pop blisters with a knife and coat them with roofing cement to prevent further damage; depressions can also be filled with roofing cement)

indoor roof inspections

The following checklist includes all the problem warning signs to look for during an indoor roof inspection:

  • ​Sagging decking between the rafters (if the decking is sagging or deteriorating, the decking will also need to be replaced during a roof replacement
  • ​Outside light seen through the roof (this may not be a problem on shake roofs since they tend to swell and prevent leaks during the wet months)
  • ​Signs of leaking in the attic (dark spots in the wood, especially around vents, chimneys, and other holes to the roof)
  • ​If dark spots are still wet or soft they are a current problem, if dry and hard it is most likely an old problem that has been fixed
  • ​Signs of water damage or leaking (usually in the form of water stains, or sagging ceilings due to an active leak or condensation from poor roof ventilation)

Written Evaluation

Once a Baltic Home Improvements professional roofer has inspected roof condition we will put a report together in writing with detailed explanation and recommendations for your existing or future roof. The digital photos of entire roof and trouble areas also can be included for addition fee. This type of roof inspection report will be e-mailed to you or mailed by postal service a few days later.  

No mater what is the reason for your request of roof inspection report – we will advise you the best solution so your could eliminate high future expenses for a small inspection fee.

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​our ​roof replacement process


​Our team will come up to do a free inspection to see what shape your roof is in before determining what is the best solution for your home.


​After choosing the shingles and design, we’ll get your materials ready for your home.

​roof removal

​The first work will consist of disposing all old shingles, adhesives and sub-roof material.

roof installation

​Addressing one section at a time, our crew will begin installation of new roof.


​Every nail, shingle amd scrap will be removed and taken away by our team so all your left with is a new roof!

​final inspection

​No job is complete until your new roof is inspected by our professionals and yourself.