Protecting Your Home and Staying Warm in Extremely Cold Temperatures

As the bone-chilling cold temperatures set in and Chicago’s infamous high winds create dangerously low wind-chills, many residents are looking for tips for protecting their homes and staying warm. Danny Lipford of Today’s Homeownercomes through with the information you need in his article, How to Protect Your Home During Extreme Cold Weather. This informative piece gives great advice about how to protect your home, both inside and out, and yourself when temperatures sink below freezing.

One of the most damaging risks your home faces in the winter months is frozen pipes. This article provides more than a dozen tips to help you prevent this problem including: 

  • Keep doors of under-sink cabinets open
  • Turn off sprinkler systems and drain by blowing compressed air through them
  • Wrap all exposed pipes in foam pipe insulation

There are also several tips for keeping your house warm, including:

  • Keep all drapes and blinds closed except those that are in direct sunlight
  • Use plastic window insulation sheets or storm windows
  • Run ceiling fans in a clockwise direction to circulate warm air

Check out the full article for more tips on these subjects as well as tips for protecting the outside of your home and staying safe this winter.

If the winter months do wreak havoc on your home’s exterior, rest assured that the professionals at Baltic Home Improvements can help you make any necessary repairs. We can even work with your insurance company to help you submit claims if the damage is weather-related. Simply contact us using our convenient online form and someone from our office will contact you to schedule a free consultation.