Problems Caused by Poorly Maintained or Installed Gutters

InspectAPedia® features an especially illuminating page that can help you understand problems you may face if your gutters are in bad repair. The page, entitled Photo Guide to More Defects & Troubles at Roof Gutters, is a supplement to the equally informative page entitled Gutter Defects, Leaks, Problems: Photo Guide. It shows pictures of faulty gutters and then explains the problems in detail. This can help homeowners diagnose gutter problems on their own houses.

Photos on the sight depict instances of the following problems:

    • Back-flowing gutters
    • Roof drip edge improperly Installed
    • Sagging gutters overflow
    • Drip lines or wash areas on ground
    • Lost or damaged gutter end-caps

If you suspect problems with your gutters and you live in the Chicagoland area, be glad you have Baltic Exteriors. Our roof and gutter experts can repair problems and install new gutter systems when necessary. Contact us today to learn more and to receive a free estimate for your gutter repair job.

Full article on: Inspectopedia.  Image credit: mikecogh