Preventing Moss & Algae Growth on Your Roof Shingles

Moss and algae growth on your roof doesn’t just take away from the beauty of your home’s exterior. Because they hold on to moisture for extended periods, these growths can actually degrade your roofing material and decrease the number of years your roof stays in good working order. That’s why it is in every homeowner’s best interest to take steps to prevent moss and algae growth altogether.

According to the home improvement experts at AskMeDIY.com, you can install copper flashing beneath the top layer of your roof shingles to eliminate moss and algae growth. The mineral salt wash that is created when rain hits the metal flashing does an excellent job of killing any growth that develops over time.  

Watch this video to see how quick and easy installing copper flashing can be:











If moss or algae growth has deteriorated your Chicagoland roof significantly, it may be time to replace your roof entirely. The roofing experts at Baltic Home Improvements can evaluate the state of your roof and help you decide what your next step should be.

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