Learn How to Pick the Right Skylight for Your Home

Skylights can brighten up rooms. In some cases, they can add a light, airy and spacious feeling to small, dark sections. However, older skylights had a tendency to leak and cause other problems. Some homeowners therefore remain on the fence about whether or not they are a good idea, and those who have decided to take the plunge and have one installed are unsure about how to weigh out the pros and cons and choose the right kind.

According to Steven Fox of BobVila.com, “there’s never been a better time to be in the market for a skylight.” He adds that current models of skylights are more reliable and off more exciting options than ever before. In his article “How To: Choose a Skylight,” Fox provides some very useful information that can help you as you research your options.

He offers tips on what to look for in terms of:

  • Operability: You will need to choose between vented and unvented skylights. Fox warns that skylights with electrical components for opening and closing them have a greater risk of breaking or needing service work.
  • Glazing: This allows you to control how much heat or UV radiation enters your home through your skylight. You can choose between plastic and glass. Plastic costs less and is more durable and has other advantages.
  • Installation: Fox warns that installation is a time-consuming and difficult job and he highly recommends that you have your skylight installed by anexperienced professional.
  • Cost: Skylights are available in a wide variety of costs. Be sure to consider not only the cost of the light and its installation but also how the skylight might impact your heating and cooling costs. Fox recommends using tubular skylights, which offer protection against rising heating or cooling costs.

You can learn much more about each of these factors by reading the full article here.

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