Is a Picture Window a Good Idea for Your House?

If you have a large window opening in your home and you have been considering having new windows installed, the thought of putting in a picture window (also known as a fixed window) may have crossed your mind. Because they are one large pane of glass without panes or hinges, they provide homeowners an unobstructed view to the outside. Before you make your final decision about these kinds of windows, however, you may want to weigh out their pros and cons.

You can learn a lot by reading the helpful article, Picture Windows: Advantages and Disadvantages, which was published by Replacement Windows for Dummies®.   It lists and explains the pros and cons of these windows as follows:


  • Less expensive: Because these windows have no mechanical parts, they cost less to purchase and require little to no maintenance or repairs.
  • Save on heating costs: During the winter months, these large windows allow the sun to shine your home, which can provide a natural heat source.
  • Brighten up a room: Picture windows can allow a lot of natural light into your living space as you gaze outside with unhindered views.


  • Increased cooling costs: Because more sun is allowed in, this can make the room in which the picture window is located feel hot and stuffy. Homeowners may find it necessary to run the air conditioner more. This can be alleviated in part by purchasing windows that are coated to reduce solar heat gain.
  • Lack of ventilation: Picture windows cannot be opened so consider where they will be located in your house and whether other windows will allow for sufficient airflow and ventilation, particularly if you want to open up your windows on a nice day.

The authors of this article recommend picture windows for homes with vaulted ceilings as an arched picture window over vaulted areas, doors and other  windows. In this way, they can add a nice decorative touch without creating an issue with ventilation. You can learn more by reading the full article here.

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