Identifying Damage to Your Roof: What to Look for

Home improvement writer Jessica Heart published an interesting article that can help homeowners in the Chicagoland area identify potential problems on their roofs. She gives several tips and highlights important information such as:

    • Things that can damage your roof
    • How to spot obvious distress to your roof and tiles
    • How to identify wind damage to your roof
    • The necessity of using a ladder when checking for damage
    • Why tile roofs are the most unstable

While you may want to handle your roof inspection on your own, it can be dangerous work and is often best left to a professional. The experts at Baltic Home Improvements can perform a complete interior and exterior roof inspectionand, in the event that your roof was damaged by wind, hail or other weather events, can work with your insurance company so that you can rest assured that your claim is being handled properly. Contact us today for more information.

Learn more by reading the article here.

Image credit: daverooney