How to Review and Compare Roofing Estimates

It likely comes as no surprise to you that comparison shopping is crucial when deciding on which contracting firm to hire for large home improvement jobs, such as a roof replacement. However, for some homeowners, this process can be tricky. The contractor who offers the best price might not be known for doing quality work, and another contractor who comes highly rated may ask for an exorbitant sum. How can you determine which bid and contracting company is the best to choose?

This article, which was published at HomeImprovementWeb.com, seeks to answer this question and provide guidance to homeowners who are comparing bids. The article gives tips such as:

    • Always ask for a detailed estimate in writing
    • Call the customer references provided
    • Never compare estimates based on cost alone
    • Be sure to find out what types of materials will be used and compare their quality
    • Compare the estimated costs for labor and materials transport

Be sure to read the full article as it is very detailed and informative.

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Full article on Home Improvement Web.

Image credit: wrobel