How to Properly Ventilate Your Attic

Paul Scelsi of Roofing Contractor Magazine recently published an article, Attic Ventilation Mistakes Caught on Camera, in which he provided several pictures of attic ventilation done wrong. In this article, Scelsi explains why the various actions are mistakes and advises about what should be done instead. Some examples of mistakes he points out include:

    • Bagging wind turbines in the winter
    • Mixing different types of exhaust vents on the same roof above a common attic
    • Using exhaust vents as intake vents
    • Using vents that do not match the architectural design of the house
    • Cutting the wrong size hole for the vent

The full article is worth the time to read, though you may have to complete a free registration to access it.

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Full article on Roofing Contractor.

Image credit: soupboy