How to Pick the Best Color for Your Roof

In the article How to Choose the Color of Roofing Shingles, the editors at WikiHow present information to help you when choosing the color for your new roof. It is filled with fascinating facts that can really help you get a handle on what color tiles are best for your house.

This article breaks down and explains many different aspects of choosing the right color roof, some of which you may have never before considered. 

Among them:

    • How the color of your roof can affect your heating or cooling costs
    • Ways to coordinate the color of your roof with other elements on your home
    • How you can make a statement (or stay neutral) with different roof colors
    • A lighter colored roof can make your house appear to be larger than it is
    • How to coordinate your roof choice with the roofs of your neighbors
    • How you can enhance the architectural style of your home
    • The different roofing materials you have to choose from

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Full article on WikiHow.  Image credit: john_lustig