How to Paint Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding is a popular siding choice for homeowners in Chicagoland as well as nationwide. Properly maintained, it can last for years. Sometimes, however, the siding may begin to look a little shabby, or you may be growing tired of its current color. In this case, you can choose to either replace it; or, if it is still in good condition and is not showing signs of leaking or other problems, you may want to paint it.

Sarah Littleton of BobVila.com gives advice on how to go about this in her informative article, How To: Paint Vinyl Siding. In this article, she explains everything you need to know before you start on this DIY home improvement project. Some tips she provides include:

  • Weather matters: It is best to paint vinyl siding when temperatures are mild, the humidity is low and the sky is overcast. She explains, “If the weather is too hot, too sunny, or even too windy, the paint may fail to go on properly. Yes, it might look fine in the short term, but paint applied on a hot, humid, or gusty day may adhere poorly and be more prone to cracking and flaking over time.”
  • Paint Selection Matters: For the best results, Littleton recommends using paints that contain acrylic and urethane resins and that are the same shade or lighter than the current color.
  • Be Sure to Prepare Surface First:  Littleton recommends using a cleaning solution of laundry detergent, powdered household cleaner, laundry bleach and water to clean the siding prior to painting. Read the full article for the recipe for this cleaning solution and to get step-by-step cleaning instructions.
  • Applying the Paint: According to Littleton, primer is not necessary. Apply the paint with a roller or sprayer, using a paintbrush only on corners and edges.  “As in most other types of paint jobs,” she states, “it’s better to do multiple thin coats then fewer thick ones.”

Littleton states that, done properly, your paint job on the siding should last about ten years.  To learn more details about doing this job, be sure to read the full article here.

Painting a house can be a lot of work, but the results are often well worth it. Of course, new siding can come in an array of colors, so if you want to save yourself the hassle of a paint job, or if your siding is in bad shape and needs to be replaced, you can contact Baltic Home Improvements to handle your siding installation job. The contractors at BHI are experts at installing and repairing vinyl siding as well as other options such as cedar shakes and fiber cement siding. Contact us through our convenient Web form or by calling us and we will happily schedule an appointment for a free consultation.

Image Source: Daniel Case