How to Make a Beautiful Window Seat

If you love the beauty and functionality of a window seat, but don’t like the price tag associated with having a professional add one to your home, you will love one of the latest DIY articles from This Old House.

Seasoned contractor Joseph Truini gives step-by-step instructions with photos for transforming just about any window in your home into an inviting window seat with lots of storage. You’ll need to carve out about 8 to 10 hours to complete the project, which will run you between $1,000 and $3,000. Here’s a sneak peek at what your shopping list will look like for all the materials you need:

  1. Stock Kitchen Cabinets: with matching trim and plywood skins
  2. Upholstered Seat Cushion
  3. Contact Cement: to adhere prefinished plywood skin to assembled cabinets
  4. Paintbrush and Paint Roller: to apply contact cement
  5. 1½-Inch Finishing Nails: for attaching trim pieces to cabinets
  6. 2×2 Blocks: to raise overall cabinet height to ceiling
  7. 2½- and 3-Inch Drywall Screws: for joining together cabinets and assembling toekick
  8. Wood Shims: to level toekick
  9. Latex Caulk

For complete instructions on building the window seat, read the full article here.

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Image Source: Thomas-Rouchard Studios