How to Keep Your Gutters Fully Functional

“Gutters are an important and often overlooked part of your home,” writes Greg Keefer of OldHouseWeb.com.  Indeed, he is right. Gutters are responsible for moving water away from your home so that its structure, interior, foundation and surrounding exterior do not suffer water damage.  In his article, Maintaining Your Gutters for Optimal Performance, Keefer provides advice about how to keep this important part of your home functioning to its full potential.

Keefer advises that all gutters, regardless of the types of materials they are made from—be it vinyl, aluminum, , or steel—require upkeep. He recommends the following maintenance tips:

  • Keep gutters clear of debris including such things as leaves, sticks, and pine cones.
  • Clean out your gutters after major storms and in the autumn when they are likely to become clogged with leaves.
  • Remember to check downspouts for clogs as well. You can do this by running water into them with a hose.
  • Gutter guards can help to prevent clogs, but occasional maintenance is still necessary.
  • Ensure that gutters are tight against the house.
  • Wood rot can cause screws that hold gutters up to pull away from the roof and can damage the roof of your home as well.  Call an expert if you suspect wood rot.
  • Vinyl and plastic gutters can deteriorate over time so replacement gutters may be necessary.

Learn more by reading the full article here.

Most gutter maintenance can be handled as a DIY job; but sometimes it is necessary to call in the experts. For gutter repair, maintenance and new gutter installations, homeowners in the southwestern Chicago suburbs turn to Baltic Home Improvements. The team at Baltic have a proven track-record of award-winning customer service and quality workmanship.  Contact BHI by phone or through their convenient Web form to learn more and to schedule an appointment to assess your gutter repair or installation job.

Image Source: Mitch Aunger