How to Identify & Remove Stains on Your Roof

Nobody wants to see unsightly stains on the roof of their house. For many homeowners in the Chicagoland area, identifying the root cause of the stain is the largest part of the battle. We found a great article, How to Distinguish Roof Stain by Type of Cause, Color , Source, that we believe can be of help. This article will help you identify what caused the stain, remove it safely, and then prevent it from happening again.

Some of the stains explained in this article include (but are not limited to):

    • Black streaks on shingles caused by algae or fungal growth
    • Red stains caused by rust
    • Dark stains near chimneys caused by soot
    • Dark patches on the roof caused by tree debris
    • Green stains caused by the growth of moss
    • White stains caused by wash-down of pigments
    • Stains caused by defects in shingles

If you are looking for information about the stains on your roof, we highly recommend that you read the full article as it is filled with useful information.

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