How to Handle a Household Disaster

Homeownership has plenty of perks. But, on occasion, situations arise that make many homeowners wish they could just call the landlord to the rescue. Not to worry though. We’ve found a few tips to help you survive some of the common household disasters you might face.

In a recent slideshow blog, Josh Garskof of This Old House magazine shared smart solutions for a wide range of household headaches–from catching a wild animal that has decided to move in with you to more simple things like dropping your cell phone in the toilet.

You can read the entire article here. However, one of the more quirky solutions from the slideshow involves dealing with a haunted house. Garskof notes that it is important first to rule out critters like bats or raccoons that sleep all day and then start making noise at night. But, if a ghost really has taken up residence in your home, paranormal expert Stephan A. Schwartz advises lighting candles and gently asking the spirits to leave.

While the experts at Baltic Exteriors may not be able to tackle a ghost problem. They can help you address household disasters involving your roof, siding, or windows. If you live in the Chicagoland area and would like a free estimate on your next project, contact them today.