How to Find the Most Efficient Replacement Windows for Your Home

If you have been considering replacing the current windows in your home with more efficient ones, this site can be most helpful to use a guide. The editors at EWC (The Efficient Windows Collaborative) provide this tool so that you can get advice that is relevant to the location and positioning of your particular home.

Once you have provided information about your home, the site will list a variety of window types with important ratings for heating and cooling performance, how they hold up in different seasons, their estimated annual energy costs, their comfort levels and how well they handle condensation. After you select a window type, you can click to find the different manufacturers who create that particular window.

When you are ready to have your windows installed in your home, trust the job to a professional who will get it done right the first time. Contact Baltic Exteriors, a leading contractor in the Chicagoland area, for a free estimate on your window installation job.

Full article on Efficient Windows.  Image credit: davidrossharris