How to Budget for Your Next Home Improvement Job

Let’s face it, keeping your house updated and in good repair can often be quite costly. You have made a very large investment in your home, however, so these maintenance costs are necessary in order to preserve the value of your house, protect the investment you have made in it, and make your home comfortable and aesthetically pleasing to you.

We previously gave tips on how to finance a large home improvement job, but what about budgeting for one? The editors at Houzz.com recently published a great article by Jeffrey Veffer and B. Arch entitled “What to Know About Budgeting for Your Home Remodel” which we believe you may find extremely useful. Reading it, you will learn:



    • The importance of establishing your budget early
    • How to ensure that  your budget is realistic
    • How to understand what you are paying for, and
    • What to do if you run out of money


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Full article on Houzz.  Image credit: 86530412@N02