Homeowners with Older Roofs Are at Risk of Losing Their Home Insurance

If you have not replaced your roof in more than 20 years, your home insurance company may refuse to renew your policy. This is the subject of an article by Insurance.com’s Marjorie Musick.  Musick reports that insurance companies are becoming increasingly restrictive when it comes to coverage for roofs.

Homeowners may be required to either submit documentation that their older roof has passed an inspection or have a new roof installed prior to their renewal being accepted. Furthermore, many insurance companies simply will not write policies for houses that have 20-year-old roofs or may limit coverage if they do.

Older roofs are much more likely to sustain damage in the event of a wind storm,hail storm or heavy snows. Of course, it is possible that your older roof is still in fine condition. This is why a written roof inspection can come in handy to show insurance companies that you are insurable.

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Full article on Insurance.  Image credit: mecklenburg