Home Improvement Jobs That Are Best Left to a Professional

Everyone likes to save money so Do-It-Yourself home improvement jobs are quite popular among homeowners. However, some jobs are risky and have great potential for costly mistakes. Jobs done badly will need to be completely redone and this can often cost homeowners more than if they’d just called in a professional to start with.

Houzz contributor Kenny Grono published a great article, Contractor Tips: 10 Home Areas That Likely Need a Pro, that can help you decide whether or not the job you are planning to have done is best done DIY or by a specialty contractor.  In it, he lists 10 jobs that are most often best left to a professional and explains why. These jobs include:

  1. Anything related to the repair of structural elements of the home
  2. Electrical work
  3. Roofing repair and installation
  4. Plumbing
  5. Insulation
  6. Carpentry
  7. Masonry
  8. Wallpaper
  9. Tile
  10. Painting

Yes! Painting! Be sure to check out the article to learn Grono’s reasons why calling in a pro is a better choice. 

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Full article on Houzz.  Image credit: tabor-roeder