Gutter Replacement 101: Know the Basics

Gutters occasionally fail, leak, sag, rust or experience other problems that require you to replace them. Gutter replacement isn’t a fun expense for homeowners, but it is a necessary one. Before you hire a contractor to do your gutter replacement job, there are a few things you should know. This is covered in an article by Kevin Stevens of Networx, What to Know Before Hiring Gutter Installers.

In this article, Stevens provides detailed information about three key factors that must be taken into consideration when replacing gutters:

  • Proper sizing: Gutters must be sized not only according to the dimensions of your house, but also to meet the likely weather requirements of homes in your area.
  • Pitch and downspouts: Downspouts must be plentiful enough to handle the water loads of the full gutter systems. Sometimes, it may be necessary to have two downspouts for a single gutter run.
  • Gutter guards: Whether or not to include gutter guards is dependent on several factors, such as the types of trees that surround your home. Gutter guards come in a variety of types and styles and have pros and cons so it is important to decide ahead of time if they are right for you.

Learn more about each of these factors by reading the full article here.

Gutter replacements are often best handled by a roofing contractor who can ensure that the gutter system works well with your existing roof structure. If you are planning to replace the gutters on your home or if you simply have questions about your gutters, you can contact Baltic Home Improvements, a leading contracting company in the southwestern Chicago suburbs

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Image Source: Ethoseo