Good Reasons to Add Vinyl Siding to Your Home

Vinyl siding comes in a number of different styles, colors and appearances and adding it to your home can really spruce up its curb appeal.  Though it seemed to grow out of fashion for a while, new styles and options are once again making vinyl the siding material of choice.

In the following slide show entitled 10 Reasons to Reconsider Vinyl Siding, which was posted at BobVila.com, You can see a number of pictures of homes outfitted with vinyl siding and may learn a few things about it that you didn’t know. For example:

  • Vinyl siding can be made to look like cedar shake or other natural wood substances, but unlike lumber, it is resistant to water and insects and can withstand winds of 200 mph
  • Insulated siding can offer your home energy-efficiency as well as significantly reduce the about of outside noise you hear in your home
  • Vinyl siding is low maintenance and easy to clean

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Full article on Bobvila.

Image credit: 93342542@N07