Does Your Front Door Make a Statement?

Some people enjoy standing out in a crowd and they want their homes to do the same. A front door with a bold color or style can really add to the WOW-factor of your home. A well designed door, though it may be eye-catching, will not be garish.

For some examples, check out these front-door photos posted by SASInteriors. These doors certainly open up to houses that will get a second-glance from those who pass by.

Your front door doesn’t have to pop like the ones in these photos, but being that it IS the portal to your home, you may want to consider replacing your current one if it is worn or the style is not to your liking. Remember, when visitors come knocking, your front door is the first thing they see!

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Full article on s.a.s Interiors.  Image credit: 63372903@N05