Creative Uses for Left-Over Shingles

When you have a new roof installed, your contractor will estimate how much material is needed and will then order the shingles. Most roofers will order a bit of extra material to account for waste, particularly if they must cut the material to fit around chimneys and decorative structural features.  This often leads to left-over material that your roofer can recycle, or that you can keep for other uses.

Laura Firszt of Networx wrote an article entitled, 7 Ingenious Uses for Roofing Shingles, which features some ideas that we found particularly resourceful.  Some of the suggestions listed by Firszt include:

  • Place a row of asphalt shingles on your front walkway to provide traction when it gets icy in the wintertime. This reduces the risk of slips and falls while eliminating the need to use damaging salts.
  • Natural slate or wood shingles can be used to make decorative wall art for inside your home.
  • Placing a row of asphalt shingles underneath  stonework, such as might be used to make a garden path, reduces the risk of shifting and prevents weeds from growing up between the stones.

You can learn more about these uses as well as the four others presented by Firszt by reading the full article here.

If you turn to Baltic Home Improvements for your new roof installation job, we will gladly recycle your old roofing material. You can keep any remaining new materials to use in any of the ways that Firszt suggests, or, if you prefer, we can take them with us to recycle. Your satisfaction is our number one concern. Contact BHI to learn more, and schedule a free evaluation for your roofing job. In doing so, you will discover why so many homeowners in the southwestern Chicago suburbs recommend us to their friends and family.