Could White Roofs Be One of the Causes of Global Warming?

Conventional wisdom tells us that by getting a light colored roof, we can reduce our cooling costs in the winter. Indeed, many cities have taken on an initiative to paint the roofs of buildings white in an effort to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and protect the environment. Some researchers are now saying that this initiative is having the opposite effect and increasing global warming as the sun’s hot rays are bounced back into the atmosphere.

This is the subject of Alyson Kenward’s recent blog article at Climate Centralentitled The Easy Fix that Isn’t: White Roofs May Increase Global Warming. She does open the article with a note that in very hot climates, the savings in energy to cool buildings may make the white roofs worth it, but in areas of the country that do not experience hot temperatures for most of the year and that do not have unbearably hot summers, while roofs may not be the answer.

Of course, this is just a theory at this point, so more research is needed. To learn more about what people are saying about white roofs, you can read the full article here.

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Image Source: Acroterion