Consumer Reports Guide to Buying New Windows for Your Home

Nothing lasts forever, least of all the windows on your home. Eventually, they will begin to show signs of wear and tear, may be difficult to open and close and worse, can have leaks that cause drafts into your home. Old window may significantly increase your heating and cooling costs and are often worth the investment you make in replacement.

We have already posted a video showing how to tell if you window need to be replaced, but how do you choose the best windows for your home? This informative article, which was very recently published by Consumer Reports, may have the answers to all your questions.

It provided detailed information about a number of important topics such as:



    • How to get started
    • How to read and understand efficiency ratings
    • How to find a qualified installer
    • The many different types of windows you can choose from
    • Features to look for when shopping for windows
    • Information about several of the major brands of windows on the market today


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Full article on Consumer Reports.  Image credit: rkramer62