Choosing Between Fiber Cement and Vinyl Siding

Installing or replacing siding on your home can increase its curb appeal and overall value. However when you are ready to have this job done, you must make several important decisions including choosing between colors, styles and materials

Two of the most popular siding options are fiber cement and vinyl. To help you make the best choice, the staff at Buresh Home Solutions in Iowa has provided an informative article entitled Fiber Cement vs. Vinyl Siding. The article lists some of the advantages that each type as over the other, including:

  • Fiber cement siding can be painted different colors; vinyl cannot
  • Vinyl siding requires less maintenance than fiber cement
  • Fiber cement siding is less affected by expansion and contraction than vinyl
  • Vinyl siding can be “floated” so it can be used over wavy, uneven walls; fiber cement cannot

Learn all about the difference between these two siding options by reading the full article.

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Image Source: abarndweller