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Roof Safety Tips Clark Griswold Failed to Follow
With the holiday season upon us, you might be feeling the itch to break out those strings of twinkling lights.[...]
5 Big Reasons You Shouldn’t Wait to Fix Your Roof
Waiting to fix a roof problem is like playing Russian Roulette - inevitable with no sense of timing. Even with[...]
Hail Damage Can Come Back To Haunt You
If your home was hit by severe weather this winter, who knows what might be lurking up on your roof?[...]
Your Roof Shouldn’t Be the Scariest Part Of Halloween
Is your roof Halloween ready or just plain scary? If your roof is playing tricks on you with leaks or[...]
(Spooky) Roof Decorating Tips For Halloween
It’s October, and that means it’s time to decorate for Halloween! While many people decorate their lawns, sidewalks and porches[...]
Planning to Sell Your Home? Here Are 3 Reasons to Get a Roof Inspection NOW!
Selling a home is stressful even when everything goes right. There is A LOT of time, energy, paperwork, and emotions[...]
Prevent These Costly Problems With A Roof Inspection
Have you ever heard the saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”? This is true for[...]
Is Your Home Outdated? Here’s How to Tell:
If your home is 15 years or older, features that were once “standard” are now turn-offs for potential buyers. If[...]
Surprise! These 8 DIY Projects Require a Permit
It may seem like a hassle to get a permit for a simple DIY project, but there are several home[...]
How to Select the Best Color for Your Roof
Congratulations! You've decided to invest in a new roof for your home. But, how do you go about selecting the[...]
3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Floodlight This Fall
We all know floodlights are excellent for security, but that old floodlight you’ve had for years may not be doing[...]
3 Reasons Roofing is Not a DIY Project
We get it. You like to save money. Who doesn’t? Many homeowners save a lot of money on their home[...]
How to Identify & Remove Stains on Your Roof
Nobody wants to see unsightly stains on the roof of their house. For many homeowners in the Chicagoland area, identifying[...]
10 Items to Discuss With Your Contractor Before Work Begins
Working with a contractor can be a pleasant experience or a stressful ordeal, depending on how you approach it. For[...]
6 Benefits of Fiber-Cement Siding
Vinyl siding is great for improving your home’s outward appearance, but many environmentally-conscious consumers are touting the benefits of using fiber-cement siding instead.[...]
How to Protect Your Home from Wood-Destroying Insects
Termites and carpenter ants are a homeowner’s nightmare–and for good reason. Each year these little pests create an estimated $5[...]
How to Install Weather Stripping on Your Windows
As temperatures begin to drop, it’s time for Chicagoland homeowners to start thinking about sealing leaks around their windows. If[...]
8 Ideas to Get Your Porch Ready for Fall
For many homeowners, one of the joys of fall is decorating in the rich colors of the season. The front[...]
Lawn & Garden To-Do List for September
September’s moderate weather makes it the perfect month to get out in the lawn and tackle important fall maintenance tasks.[...]
6 Smart Reasons to Replace Your Windows
Many homeowners put off replacing their windows until absolutely necessary. But, how do you know when you’ve reached that point?[...]
8 Household Chores to Get Your Home Ready for Fall
The changing of the seasons provides the perfect prompt for homeowners to start thinking about tackling household chores that only[...]
12 Inventions That Make Home Chores Easier
Few homeowners actually enjoy doing household chores. After all, that’s what makes them chores. Every now and then, however, an[...]
6 Steps to Take When Your Roof Leaks
With heavy rains recently hitting the Chicagoland area, some homeowners may have been distraught to find that it was raining inside[...]
How to Handle a Household Disaster
Homeownership has plenty of perks. But, on occasion, situations arise that make many homeowners wish they could just call the[...]
10 DIY Projects That Don’t Save You Money
We like to save a buck just as much as the next guy. That’s why we love to post DIY[...]
7 Reasons to Wait for Fall to Buy a New House
If you have plans to upsize or downsize from your current home, it may be smart to let the hot[...]
5 Ways to Update Your Home with a Retro Look
Sometimes giving your home a fresh new look calls for borrowing from the past. But, if it’s your first time[...]
28 Simple Weekend Projects You Should Try This Summer
There’s still plenty of time left this summer to take advantage of the warm weather and tackle some of the[...]
5 Hints That You Should Replace Your Windows
Windows set the tone for the appearance of your entire home. If they are old, worn, or damaged, your home[...]
6 Tempting Home Upgrades You Should Skip
As home improvement experts, we know all too well what a great benefit it is to enhance your home with[...]
3 DIY Tips for Painting Your Home’s Tricky Areas
It’s no secret that you can save big bucks by painting your home yourself. For most rooms, it’s even a[...]
10 Warning Signs to Look for When Choosing a Contractor
If you are planning your first home improvement project, choosing the right contractor for the job can be the single[...]
8 Steps to Resolving Conflict with a Contractor
In an ideal world you would always hire the perfect contractor who understands your vision and executes on time, under[...]
How to Replace the Screen Material in Your Window Screens
It’s common for window screens to develop rips and tears over time. While most screens are designed to last 10[...]
The Pros and Cons of Cedar Shake Siding
Because of its ability to dramatically transform a home, cedar shake siding is a popular option for many homeowners who[...]
How to Make a Beautiful Window Seat
If you love the beauty and functionality of a window seat, but don’t like the price tag associated with having[...]
10 Ways to Brighten a Dark Room
A dark room can unintentionally set a somber tone throughout your home and put a damper on your mood. So,[...]
5 Ways to Protect Your Home from Summer Storms
All the sunshine that comes with summer is not without a fair share of rain. It’s not too late to[...]
4 Flag Hanging Do’s and Don’ts
July is one of the most popular months to show your patriotic pride. If you’re inspired to hang the American[...]
7 Dangerous Home Projects You Should NOT Do Yourself
We like to save a buck just as much as you do. That’s why we love sharing DIY projects you[...]
How to Patch Your Vinyl Siding in 15 Minutes
At some point, even the best quality vinyl siding can suffer a little damage. If you don’t have time to[...]
6 Ways You Could Be Unknowingly Damaging Your Home
Of course, we know you would never intentionally damage your home. After all, for most of you, your home is[...]
28 Appealing Color Options for Your Front Door
There’s nothing like a fresh pop of color on the front door to make a home stand out from the[...]
How to Repair a Sagging Screen Door
The warmer it gets, the more tempting it is to spend time enjoying the sunny outdoors.  However, if there’s a[...]
20 Color Palettes to Improve Your Home
Picking the perfect combination of colors for your home’s exterior can be one of the most challenging tasks during a[...]
5 Upgrades to Pair with a New Roof
If you are planning to re-roof your home this summer, home improvement experts say you may want to consider five[...]
3 Power Tools Every New Homeowner Should Own
Keeping your home in tip-top shape is the best way to care for your most valuable asset. To do the[...]
20 Ways to Boost Your Home
Summer is a popular season to put a Chicagoland home on the market. And, with so many other homeowners having[...]
6 Siding Styles to Mix and Match for Maximum Curb Appeal
Since the late 1950s, siding has been an affordable way to add color and character to the American home. Today,[...]
How to Install Solar Screens on Your Home
With summer around the corner, higher temperatures may be prompting you to start thinking about ways to save on your[...]
Are Awning Windows a Smart Choice for Your Home?
With so many window options on the market it is no wonder that homeowners are sometimes overwhelmed by the prospect[...]
How to Get Streak-Free Windows This Spring
Spring cleaning is one of the joys of the season. After living with the grit and grime that comes with[...]
How to Select the Most Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows
If you are in the market to replace the windows on your Chicagoland home, the editors at The Efficient Windows Collaborative[...]
5 Tips for Maintaining Your Vinyl Siding
If you’re like most homeowners, you opted for vinyl siding because it’s low maintenance. That doesn’t mean it is completely[...]
10 Problems You Can Avoid By Keeping Your Gutters Clean
If you are wondering what the big deal is about keeping your gutters clear of debris this spring, we found[...]
Is It Time to Replace Your Asphalt Roof?
Asphalt shingles are a top roofing choice for many homeowners in Chicagoland because they are dependable, relatively affordable and flexible when it[...]
Preventing Moss & Algae Growth on Your Roof Shingles
Moss and algae growth on your roof doesn’t just take away from the beauty of your home’s exterior. Because they[...]
Pros & Cons of Adding a Skylight to Your Home
During spring and summer when the sun is shining brightly, many homeowners start to think about capturing more of that[...]
Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof?
If you own the same home long enough, at some point, you will be faced with the decision of whether[...]
The 10 Most Costly Repairs Homeowners Have to Make
Regular home maintenance is one of the most important things you can do as a homeowner to limit, and in[...]
The 5 Most Likely Causes of Your Gutter Clog
Clogged gutters can cause a myriad of problems for homeowners. When your home’s rainwater drainage system is not working property,[...]
How to Protect Your Skin from Unhealthy UV Rays in Your Home
Ultra violet radiation is everywhere. You can be exposed to it while riding in your car, flying in an airplane,[...]
Advice on Selecting a Roofing Contractor
?When it comes to a new roof installation for your home, the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) strongly recommends that[...]
Should You Invest in a New Roof if You Are Selling Your Home?
A lot goes into getting a house ready to list. A picture-perfect house can sell faster and demand a higher[...]
Learn How to Pick the Right Skylight for Your Home
Skylights can brighten up rooms. In some cases, they can add a light, airy and spacious feeling to small, dark[...]
Cedar vs Asphalt Shingles: A Cost Comparison
If you are ready for a new roof installation, you will need to make many decisions including what color, style[...]
Trivial Pursuit: Rain Gutter Edition
Most people don’t really give their gutters a second thought unless something goes wrong.  However, rainwater drainage systems are really[...]
Replacing Your Front Door: A Consumer Reports Guide
Your front door is the first thing that guests see when they arrive at your home. It can make a[...]
Financing Options for Your Next Home Improvement Job
Maintaining the value and integrity of your house with home improvement jobs is an important part of homeownership. Unfortunately, many[...]
Dealing with Roof Damage Caused by Heavy Winds
Residents of the “Windy City” and its suburbs are no strangers to the damages that heavy winds can do to[...]
Six Tips for Spring Gutter Cleaning
In our blogs, we frequently stress the need for keeping your gutters in good shape. Failure to do so can[...]
Advice for Spring Home Maintenance
Chicagoland residents happily welcome the Spring Season each year. While many take advantage of the warmer weather to open windows,[...]
How to Power Wash Your Home
Many homeowners in the Chicagoland area use power washers to clean the exteriors of their homes, particularly when they want[...]
Where to Look When Searching for Leaks in Your Roof
A leaky roof can lead to damage to the structure of your home as well as to belongings you keep[...]
Average Lifespan of Many Expensive Home Improvement Purchases
A new roof, new windows, and new appliances – each comes at a high cost but none last forever. You[...]
The Pros and Cons of Adding Gutter Guards
Anyone who has spent a lot of time cleaning leaves, seeds, and other debris from their gutters has likely wondered[...]
What to Do if Your Roof Is Damaged Due to a House Fire
A fire in your home can be devastating. Those who experience this sort of tragic destruction often lose irreplaceable belongings,[...]
Roof Replacements: What Your Insurance May Cover
Most of the time, such as when a roof has reached the end of its lifespan, homeowners must pay out-of-pocket[...]
How Much Will It Cost to Install Fiber Cement Siding?
Having new siding installed on your home can be a wise decision. It can improve curb appeal, offer a bit[...]
What Color Should You Choose for Your New Roof?
If you are ready for a new roof installation, one of the many decisions you will have to make is[...]
Heavy Winds Cause Damage to Chicago Area
Strong winds with gusts up to 60 miles per hour caused a great deal of damage in the Chicagoland area[...]
Installing New Siding Has a Fantastic ROI
Whether you are looking to spruce up the curb-appeal of your house before you put it on the market, or[...]
Is a Picture Window a Good Idea for Your House?
If you have a large window opening in your home and you have been considering having new windows installed, the thought of[...]
Understanding the Different Types of Roofing Materials
If you are in the market for a new roof, you have likely discovered that you have a number of[...]
Hot Roof vs. Cold Roof: To Vent or Not to Vent?
If you have been considering a new roof installation, looking into adding insulation to your home, or are planning to[...]
What to Do if Your Roof Is Damaged by a Snowstorm
Winter can bring family fun in the snow and cozy times by the fireplace, but it can also mean hazardous[...]
Energy Efficient Windows Are Worth the Cost of Installation
Home improvement jobs can be expensive, but when they add equity to your home or provide you with cost savings in other[...]
How Asphalt Shingle Recycling Programs Benefit You
According to the EPA, new roof installations in the U.S. account for between 7 and 10 million tons of shingle[...]
The Beginner’s Guide to Home Window Replacement
As with most things, windows eventually need to be replaced. Whether your current windows are leaky, difficult to open, or[...]
How To Prepare Your Roof for Chicago’s Frigid Winter
There are lots of things that people in the Chicagoland area do to prepare for winter. From buying new winter[...]
What You Need to Know about New Window Replacement for Your Home
Conventional wisdom dictates that replacing the windows in your home can save you a great deal of money in heating[...]
The Importance of a Well-Insulated Roof
Insulating your home is an important step toward keeping energy costs manageable. One of the most important parts of your[...]
What You Need to Know about Maintaining Wood Siding
Many homeowners, particularly owners of historic homes, are attracted to wood siding as an option when they are working toward[...]
Tips for How to Properly Maintain Your Roof
New roof installations are expensive, so it is in your best interest to keep the roof you currently have in[...]
Why Many Chicagoland Homeowners Choose Fiber Cement Siding
If you are planning to have new siding installed on your home, you have a number of options when it comes to[...]
What to Do about Ice Build-Up in Gutters and Downspouts
Winter can cause gutter problems. When temperatures rise above freezing, snow and ice can begin to melt and flow through[...]
Vinyl Siding Comes in a Variety of Colors
One of the advantages of vinyl siding is that it provides an affordable way to vastly improve the appearance of your home’s exterior. Another[...]
Creative Uses for Left-Over Shingles
When you have a new roof installed, your contractor will estimate how much material is needed and will then order[...]
How to Keep Your Gutters Fully Functional
“Gutters are an important and often overlooked part of your home,” writes Greg Keefer of OldHouseWeb.com.  Indeed, he is right. Gutters[...]
Why Vinyl Siding is the #1 Choice for Many Homeowners
  New siding can significantly improve the appearance of most homes. When shopping for siding, homeowners are faced with making[...]
Six Ways to Improve the Appearance of Your Home
Curb appeal. It is sought after by many homeowners whether they are trying to sell their homes, they want to[...]
Queen Anne Style Homes Have Alternative Siding Options
There are a number of neighborhoods in the Chicagoland area that feature historic homes. Some feature Queen Anne architecture, which[...]
What Should You Expect to Pay for New Vinyl Siding?
Few things can improve the curb appeal of your house faster or more cost effectively than vinyl siding. If you have[...]
Tips for Finding the Right Home Improvement Contractor
 Your house is your castle, so when you hire an outside firm to do work on it, you want to[...]
Energy Efficient Window: Are They Worth Their Cost?
If the windows in your home are fairly old, you may be wondering whether switching them out with new, energy-efficient models[...]
What the Department of Energy Says about Skylights and Energy Efficiency
Many people worry about the wisdom of installing a skylight in their home because of the possibility of increased energy costs. However,[...]
Why Homeowners Love James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding
We’ve written before about why we are big fans of James Hardie fiber cement siding, which is why we are proud[...]
The Significance of Types of Trim with Vinyl Siding
When professionals work to install vinyl siding on your home, they do more than simply hang the panels. They cut and install[...]
Types of Siding: Learn Your Various Options for Your Home
The installation of new siding can significantly improve the appearance of your home’s exterior. Homeowners in the Chicago area who[...]
Can you Repair Shingles that Have Been Damaged on your Roof?
If you own an older house in the Chicagoland area and you have recently noticed shingle damage on the roof,[...]
How to Put Up Christmas Lights Safely onto your Chicagoland Home
It’s that time of year when Chicagoland becomes bright with many colored holiday lights. If you are planning to hang[...]
Home Roof Inspection and Maintenance Tips
As a homeowner, you likely understand the importance of maintaining your home. This includes routine inspection and maintenance of your[...]
What Are the Pros and Cons of Skylights?
Installing skylights may seem like a good idea; and for many homeowners, it is. These aesthetically-pleasing window in a roof have a number[...]
Copper Gutters: Benefits and Downsides For Your Home
If you are a considering a complete gutter replacement job for your home, you may have run across copper gutters[...]
This Old House: 2015’s Best Curb Appeal Makeovers
Every year This Old House invites its readers to send in before-and-after photos of curb-appeal upgrades they have made to their homes.[...]
What to Do When Your Roof Has Hail Damage
Hailstorms are frequently benign, but occasionally, the stones are rather large and when this happens, they can cause significant damage[...]
Better Homes and Gardens Presents Best Use of Color for Curb Appeal
Better Homes and Gardens recently published a slide show that shows the many ways you can use color to enhance[...]
How to Install a Door Knob on New Doors
Front doors are the first thing guests see when they visit your home so it is nice to have a[...]
Is a Cedar Roof the Right Choice for Your Home?
A cedar roof is an excellent and beautiful roofing option, and is particularly well suited for the many historic homes located in[...]
When working to improve the curb appeal of your home, new siding can make for an instant and dramatic face-lift.[...]
5 Benefits of a New Roof Installation
If your roof is getting pretty old, you may be thinking that it’s time to start looking into having a[...]
Why We Love Mastic Home Exteriors Brand Vinyl Siding
Vinyl siding is a cost-effective and popular choice among homeowners seeking to spruce up the exterior of their homes. Less[...]
How To Prepare Your Roof for Chicago
There are lots of things that people in the Chicagoland area do to prepare for winter. From buying new winter[...]
Checklist: 6 Questions to Ask Your Potential Roofing Contractor
Having a new roof installed on your house is a large investment, so you will want to be sure that[...]
The Advantages of James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding
James Hardie is the most popular choice for fiber cement siding in America. Just one visit to their website and[...]
Could White Roofs Be One of the Causes of Global Warming?
Conventional wisdom tells us that by getting a light colored roof, we can reduce our cooling costs in the winter.[...]
7 Indicators You Need New House Siding
House siding can provide your home with a lovely exterior and improve its curb appeal. But if your siding is in[...]
The Beginner
As with most things, windows eventually need to be replaced. Whether your current windows are leaky, difficult to open, or[...]
Tips for Choosing Colors for the Exterior of Your Home
Completely changing the color scheme of your home's exterior can accomplish a lot: it can improve your home’s curb appeal,[...]
Tips for Keeping a Well-Maintained Roof
A new roof is an expensive investment, so it is to your benefit to do what you can to make[...]
How Long Can Cedar Shake Roofs Last?
Cedar shake roofs lend a lovely and classical look to homes in the Chicagoland area and are a particularly good choice[...]
Skylights: More than Just Windows
Many people have skylights installed in their homes to allow more natural light in and to enhance the ambiance in certain rooms[...]
Fiber Cement Siding: How It’s Made
New siding can drastically improve the curb-appeal of your home. One of your siding options is fiber cement. The following video,[...]
8 Signs You May Need a Roof Replacement Soon
Roof replacements are expensive home improvement jobs but failure to address the need for a new roof in a timely[...]
How to Paint Vinyl Siding
Vinyl Siding is a popular siding choice for homeowners in Chicagoland as well as nationwide. Properly maintained, it can last[...]
Home Improvement Jobs with the Best ROI
ROI, or return on investment, is an important consideration when deciding which home improvement jobs to tackle first. Jobs that[...]
Pros and Cons of Various Roofing Materials
If your roof is aging and the need for a replacement is coming due, you have several decisions that will[...]
What Color Siding Should I Choose for My House?
New house siding can spruce up the curb appeal of most homes. Many manufacturers of vinyl and fiber cement siding provide consumers with several choices[...]
How to Identify, Remove and Prevent Stains on Your Roof
Nobody wants to see unsightly stains on the roof of their house. For many homeowners in the Chicagoland area, identifying[...]
The Ultimate Guide to Preventing Leaf Damage This Fall
Autumn is thought by some to be the most beautiful of the seasons. The changing of the leaves from green[...]
What You Should Know about the Different Types of Siding
Siding comes in a number of different designs, colors and materials. If you are thinking of adding siding to your[...]
Are Double Hung Windows the Right Choice for You?
If you are planning to have new windows installed in the near future, you may have already begun looking into[...]
4 Steps to Have a Great Roof Replacement Experience
Let’s face it. Roofing jobs make for expensive, but necessary, home maintenance. Failure to address roofing problems can lead to[...]
A Compilation of DIY Roofing Fails
Some of the accidents and injuries depicted in this YouTube video may cause you to snicker, but in truth, roofing accidents are[...]
Why It Costs More to Shingle a Steep-Pitched Roof
One thing that many homeowners are surprised to learn is that when it comes to roof replacement, the steeper the[...]
How Oil Prices Can Influence the Cost of a New Roof
When most people hear that oil prices are on the rise, their first thought is usually about how it will[...]
The Pros and Cons of Picture Windows
Picture windows, also referred to as fixed windows, provide an excellent view of outside scenery. But are they right for[...]
5 Problems Homeowners Should Address Immediately
As a homeowner, you want to protect the investment you have made in your house. One of the most important[...]
Fiber Cement Siding Allows for a Variety of Exterior Design Options
Fiber cement siding is a great alternative to traditional wood or vinyl siding; but if you are like most homeowners, you[...]
Things You Should Know when Buying a New Roof
New roofs are something that homeowners typically only need to purchase once or twice in their lifetimes, so it is[...]
What Questions Should You Ask Your Contractor
References are an important resource when choosing a contractor to do work on your home. It is important that any[...]
What Color Should You Paint Your House?
Has your homeowner’s association or your spouse told you that your house needs to be painted? Or are you simply[...]
Facts about Hail Damage and Home Insurance
Hail storms caused more than $1 billion in damages in Illinois between 2008 and 2012. Fortunately, your home insurance company is designed[...]
Cedar Roofing 101: What You Need to Know
Many homeowners in the Chicagoland area have opted for cedar roof installations on their homes. While more expensive than traditional asphalt[...]
Top Indicators that It Is Time for a New Roof
Roofs take a beating from Mother Nature and most eventually wear out and need to be replaced. If your roof is getting[...]
What You Can Expect to Pay for Vinyl Siding Installation
Vinyl siding a great way to improve the external appearance of your house. Not only does it improve your home’s curb appeal,[...]
The Most Unusual Roofs on Pinterest
When you are shopping around for a new roof installation, you may consider different colors, textures and roofing materials to[...]
Questions to Ask before Selecting a Home Improvement Contractor
It is always best to do a bit of research before hiring a contractor or home improvement company to do[...]
How Vinyl Siding Can Improve Your Home
Vinyl siding has come a long way since it was first introduced. Today’s homeowners have a number of options when it comes[...]
What Time of Year Is Best for a New Roof Installation?
It is always a good idea to plan ahead, and roofing jobs are no exception. If your roof is aging[...]
How to Finance a New Roof Installation
Nothing lasts forever. Unfortunately for homeowners, this means it may be necessary to shell out thousands of dollars for a[...]
Soffit and Fascia 101: Everything You Need to Know
As Jeanne Matteucci says in her HGTV article Why Soffits and Fascias Are Important, “Whether you’re hiring a pro or doing[...]
Checklist for Home Roof Maintenance
Proper roof maintenance goes a long way toward preventing future problems. An article posted by American Family Insurance provides information about how[...]
How Copper Gutters Can Dress Up an Historic Home
There are a number of historic homes in the Chicagoland area. Historic-home owners frequently strive to maintain the integrity of[...]
Summer Storms May Cause Damage to Your Roof
Chicagoland residents are no stranger to destructive summer storms. Wind, hail, and lightning can all result in serious damage to[...]
Staying Safe while Working on Your Roof
When doing any home improvement job, safety comes first. For those who prefer DIY jobs, working on a roof should[...]
Why Is My Insurance Company Requiring a Roof Inspection?
While it is not yet a common practice, some homeowners insurance companies are now requiring their customers to have roof[...]
Are Double-Paned Windows Worth It?
If you are planning to replace the windows in your home in the near future, you have a lot of decision to[...]
What You Should Know about 25-Year Shingles
When you have a new roof installed, one of the decisions you must make is the type of roofing material[...]
The Difference between Cedar Shakes and Cedar Shingles
Many people use the terms “cedar shakes” and “cedar shingles” interchangeably. While it is true that the differences between the[...]
Preventing and Removing Algae from Asphalt Roofs
One of the problems you can face with asphalt shingles is the formation of dark stains or streaks on your roof. These[...]
How to Spot Roof Damage before Big Problems Arise
During Chicagoland's rainy season, area homeowners need to be on the lookout for roof leaks. Of course, noticing roofing problems[...]
Rethinking Skylights: Skylights Are Better than Ever
Most people really enjoy the natural light that skylights can bring to any room. Unfortunately, many are afraid that having[...]
Why Roofing Is Not a DIY Job
We get it. You like to save money. Who doesn’t? Many homeowners save a lot of money on their home[...]
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Cedar Shake Siding
Having new siding installed can update the look of nearly any home. For an even more dramatic update, consider cedar[...]
Are Your Gutters Home to Area Wildlife
There are a number of things that can cause problems with your roof or gutters. One that many people tend[...]
The Ins and Outs of Composition Shingles
Composition shingles are a fantastic option if you want a good-looking roof at an economical price. Many homeowners, however, are[...]
Quiz: What Color Front Door Should You Get?
We’ve written before about what look of your front door says about you, but for those about to upgrade their entryways,[...]
Gutter Replacement 101: Know the Basics
Gutters occasionally fail, leak, sag, rust or experience other problems that require you to replace them. Gutter replacement isn’t a[...]
The Advantages of Insulated Vinyl Siding
Vinyl siding is an economical way to spruce up the exterior of your home. Choosing insulated siding can do even more[...]
8 Signs Your Roof May Need Attention
While roofing problems brought on by storm damage will appear suddenly, most roofing troubles build up slowly over time. It[...]
The Pros and Cons of Awning Windows
When it is time to replace the windows on your house, you will find that there are a number of different[...]
The Better Business Bureau Warns Against Spring Scams
For as long as people have been walking the earth, there have been con artists among us. These people prey[...]
New Window Installation: What You Need to Know
There comes a time for most homeowners when the need for replacement windows becomes apparent. Because this is a high-cost home[...]
Gutter Guards: Are They Worth It?
Let’s face it. Nobody enjoys cleaning debris out of gutters. It is a time consuming and potentially dangerous job, since most[...]
20 Expert Tips for Improving the Curb Appeal of Your Home
If you are planning to sell your Chicagoland home in the near future, now is the time to think about[...]
Skylights Can Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Home
Skylights have a number of benefits. In addition to adding a fantastic natural light-source to your home, they can also have[...]
Window, Door and Skylight Energy Performance Ratings
Here at Baltic Home Improvements, we have more than a decade of experience with installing windows, doors and skylights. We recommend and use only[...]
TOH’s Best Curb Appeal Makeovers for 2014
This Old House presents the best photos of curb-appeal upgrades to homes in 2014. As the editors state at the start[...]
10 Signs that It Is Time for a New Roof
“Do you like lying in bed and looking at the stars at night? If you don't have a skylight, this[...]
Modern Vinyl Siding: Better than You Might Think
Vinyl siding has certainly improved in quality and features since the days when your parents put in on their homes. Today’s[...]
What You Need to Know about Energy Efficient Windows
If you are planning to replace the windows in your home in the near future, you may discover savings in heating and[...]
6 Ways to Improve Your Home
Any real estate agent will tell you that curb appeal is extremely important when you are selling your home. But[...]
What First-Time Homebuyers Should Know about Roofing
If you have recently purchased a home, congratulations! We are sure you put a lot of care into choosing a[...]
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Home Improvement Jobs that Really Pay Off
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The Ins and Outs of Green Roofing
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Just How Expensive Are Copper Gutters Anyway?
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How a Roof Inspection Now Can Save You Big Money Later
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Three Places to Check for Leaks on Your Roof
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Avoid Big Problems by Following these Gutter Cleaning Tips
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Gutter Repair or Replacement: What You Need to Know
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Angie’s List Super Service award is a big deal
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Roofing Problems Threaten the Integrity of Illinois State Evidence
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What You Need to Know about Making Doorways Wheelchair Accessible
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The Importance of Curb Appeal
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Grass Roofs Are Actually a Thing
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How to Properly Ventilate Your Attic
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Ten Tips for Avoiding Injuries when on the Roof
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Identifying Damage to Your Roof: What to Look for
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Homeowners with Older Roofs Are at Risk of Losing Their Home Insurance
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Are the Trees Near Your Home Threatening Your Roof?
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Prepare Your Home for Colder Days: A Handy Checklist for the Fall
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Hail Damage Prevention: What to Look for in a Roofing Material
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Baltic Home Improvements
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Information You Can Use When Selecting a New Roof for Your Home
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The Farmer’s Almanac Predictions for 2014
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This Old House Presents: 29 Roofing Questions Answered
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Velux Skylights: Beauty Meets Function
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Cedar Shakes Can Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Home
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Is Fiber-Cement Siding a Good Choice for Your Home?
Vinyl siding is great for improving your home’s outward appearance, but many environmentally-conscious consumers are touting the benefits of using fiber-cement siding instead.[...]
How to File a Hail Damage Claim
Many hailstorms that strike in the Chicagoland area have stones that are less than 1-inch in diameter, and these typically do not[...]
Everything You Need to Know about Windows
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Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a New Roof
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What Does It Mean to Finance through an Unsecured Loan?
Baltic Exteriors offers financing options that include a 12-month zero-interest loan and a 5-year unsecured loan. But many people are uncertain[...]
Problems Caused by Poorly Maintained or Installed Gutters
InspectAPedia® features an especially illuminating page that can help you understand problems you may face if your gutters are in[...]
Look What Happens When You Hire Substandard Roofers
In this video, you can see what one homeowner got after hiring a substandard roofing contractor to install a new roof.[...]
Copper Gutters Bring a Lively Touch to Chicagoland Homes
Previously, we wrote about copper gutters. Though expensive, these elegant gutters can dramatically improve the appearance of your home’s exterior. Many[...]
How to Remove Algae and Moss on Your Roof
Algae and moss can grow and spread on roofs. While it is not particularly damaging, it can reduce the lifespan[...]
Hailstorms Can Cause Expensive Damages in the Chicago Area
Hail can cause expensive damage to homes, particularly to their roofs. The following infographic provides some alarming numbers regarding hail[...]
Six Bizarre But Visually Appealing Roofs
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Will My Homeowners Insurance Cover My Roof Replacement?
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What is the Life Expectancy on That?
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Is It Time To Replace Your Windows?
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The Most Dangerous Home-Repair Jobs
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Is Vinyl Siding Right for Your Home?
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How to Finance Your Home Improvement Job
Let’s face it: home improvements can be expensive. Some jobs can be put off while you save up for them,[...]
Springtime Home Maintenance Tips
Chicagoland can be a rough place to live during the winter so when springtime is finally here, residents are very[...]
Recycling Asphalt Shingles Is Good for Illinois Residents
Recycling asphalt shingles not only helps the environment, it benefits taxpayers as well. According to this publication by the EPA, new[...]
How to Keep Critters from Destroying Your Chicagoland Home
There are a number of different animals that can cause damage to your home, including your roof, soffit and fascia[...]
Angie Hicks Explains How to Handle Problems with Your Soffit
Angie Hicks, founder of Angie’s List, features an “Ask Angie” section on her website. In it, one reader asked about how[...]
What Are the Advantages of Asphalt Shingles?
If your roof is in need of replacement, one of the biggest decisions you will need to make is what[...]
Springtime Roof Maintenance and Repair Tips
There are a number of things that can cause you roofing problems. As Spring finally makes an appearance here in[...]
How to Know if It Is Time for a New Roof
Roofs age. They become damaged by time and the elements. Eventually, homeowners need to bite the bullet and replace them.[...]
Everything You Need to Know about Gutters
Gutters are an extremely important part of your home. They help to drain water from your roof and away from[...]
Choose the Right Window Type for Your Chicagoland Home
Replacing the windows on your home can be a major undertaking, but the advantages are vast. Newer windows are likely[...]
Your Guide to Buying a New Roof
Like anything else, roofs don’t last forever. If your roof is more than 15 years old, it may be time[...]
Bay Windows: Beauty Meets Function
Bay windows offer the advantage of allowing light to enter your home from three different angles.  They come in a[...]
Pick the Right Roof for Your Home
According to Benchmark, Inc., the average life of a new roof is 17 years.  In the Chicagoland area, where weather[...]
Projects to Take on this Spring in Chicagoland
This has been an especially rough winter and for many in the Chicagoland area, it may seem that Spring will[...]
How Stuff Works Explains Skylights
Skylights are a useful home improvement for nearly any home. They can add a lot of light as well as[...]
Don’t be Bamboozled by Dishonest Roofing Companies
Con artists, scammers and sub-par businesses are everywhere. If you hire a dishonest contractor for a home improvement job, you[...]
Has this Winter Damaged Your Home?
This winter has been an especially rough one, not just here in Chicagoland but all across the country. As the[...]
How to Prevent Ice Dams from Damaging Your Home
Many homeowners in the Chicagoland area are currently experiencing a problem with ice dams forming on their homes. These occur[...]
Picture Windows: Beautiful, Functional and Versatile
Picture windows allow a lot of light into rooms and can add a beautiful architectural touch to any house.  Of[...]
Don’t Become a Victim of Post-Storm Scammers
There are a number of different types of storms that can cause damage to your Chicago-area home. From heavy snows[...]
Accreditation by the Better Business Bureau is a Big Deal
You have likely seen the “BBB Accredited” seal on some company’s websites. These seals are displayed proudly because BBB Accreditation[...]
How to Choose Soffit and Fascia for Your Home
Soffit and fascia are important elements to your home. They fill the gap between the overhang of your roof and[...]
Dormer Windows: A Great Home Improvement Idea
Dormer windows serve multiple functions. They can create a reading nook in a room, bring more light into home, open[...]
What Does It Mean to Be an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor?
You may have seen contractor websites that feature a seal that designates them as an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor. What[...]
What Kind of Front Door is Right for You?
When you are ready to put a new front door on your house, you have several options. Front doors can[...]
What Is a Derecho Anyway?
If you ask the average American on the street what a derecho is, chances are they won’t know. However, derechos[...]
Tips for Financing Your Next Home Improvement Job
Many home improvement jobs are more than just cosmetic; they are necessary. In many cases, putting the job off until[...]
When Is the Best Time of Year to Hire a Roofer?
In the following article, the people at the website Roofing Calculator lay out the best times of year to call[...]
Four Tips for Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor
When your roof is damaged, leaking or just due for an update, you will need to find an area contractor[...]
Choose the Right Siding for Your Home
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Five Issues that Homeowners Should Address Immediately
Ignoring problems with your home is never a good idea. While some issues can wait until you have the funds[...]
Tubular Skylights Provide a More Flexible Way to Bring Natural Light into Your Home
Tubular skylights use reflective tubes to transport light into any area of you home. They can be used to light[...]
How to Budget for a Roof Replacement Job
Some home improvement jobs, such as kitchen and bathroom remodeling jobs, can wait until funds are available. However, when your[...]
What Does Your Front Door Say about You?
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Home Remodeling with a Contractor: How Homeowners Can Help
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Are Gutter Guards a Good Idea for Your Home?
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Cedar Shake Roofs: Beautiful and Long-Lasting When Cared For
Cedar shake roofs add a beautiful touch to many homes in the Chicago area. They are a particularly good choice[...]
Can a Tree Really Grow on a Roof? Yes, It Can!
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Choosing the Wrong Contractor Can Lead to a Nightmare Scenario
Your home is one of your largest investments. When you need repair or maintenance work done on it, you can[...]
Ack! There’s A Raccoon in My Chimney!
As the temperatures drop, raccoons will be seeking shelter, and one of their favorite places to do this is in[...]
Soffit and Fascia: Important and Functional
The following article about soffit and fascia is an informative one that many homeowners may find useful. If your soffit[...]
Tips for Keeping Your Roof Well Maintained
The following article by blogger Jason Wislow provides great information about simple roof maintenance that is a must-read for any[...]
What You Should Know Before You List Your House on the Market
If you are planning to sell your house in the near future, there are many home improvements you can make[...]
Protect Your Roof from Heavy Snowfall
Snow-covered houses and tree branches can be a beautiful sight, but when snowfall is heavy, the accumulation can place a[...]
What to Know Before You Replace Your Front Door
There are many reasons you may want to replace the front door to your home. Your current door may be[...]
Know the Signs of a Problem on Your Roof
Your home is your castle so it is important to keep it in good repair. Problems with your roof can[...]
Save Money on Your Home Heating Costs
Winter is coming and with it come higher heating bills. Chicago residents know all too well how brutal the chilly[...]
Be Sure to Choose the Right Home Improvement Contractor
When you have a home improvement project planned, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the large selection of home contractors[...]
What You Need to Know before You Select Materials for Your New Roof
If your older roof has begun to fail and you are ready for a new one, you have a lot[...]
This Old House Reveals Winners of the 2013 Curb Appeal Contest
Every year, This Old House invites viewers to submit before and after pictures of their home renovations and then posts[...]
Reduce Your Carbon Footprint by Making Energy Saving Home Improvements
The following interactive infographic is a fun and informative way to discover ways that you can be saving money on[...]
Have You Ever Thought about Putting Copper Gutters on Your House?
Copper gutters are, by far, the most costly of your gutter options but they can be quite striking on your[...]
Skylights Have Many Benefits for Homeowners
Skylight installation has become increasingly popular with homeowners across the country. These windows provide homes with a lovely, natural light[...]
Is Your Home Insurance Company Trying to Limit Coverage for Hail Damage?
Chicago residents are certainly no strangers to destructive hailstorms. When hail damages the roofs of homes, most homeowners rely on[...]
How to Repair Cedar Shake Siding?
Cedar shake siding is appealing to many people due to the fact that it provides a rural effect in a[...]
House Roof Asphalt Shingles Maintenance
House roof asphalt shingles maintenance process can be divided into three steps and performed twice a year Step 1 -[...]