Better Homes and Gardens Presents Best Use of Color for Curb Appeal

Better Homes and Gardens recently published a slide show that shows the many ways you can use color to enhance the curb appeal of your home. This slide show, entitled Best Exterior Color Schemes was put together by Kelly Roberson. In it, she lists several tips for choosing the right colors and provides a photographic example wherein the homeowner did just that.

The tips Roberson includes, and explains, in her slideshow are:

  • Rely on the classics
  • Pick two hues in varying brightness for accent
  • Limit bold accents
  • Play with primary colors
  • Learn how to choose your house paint colors
  • Use wood for warmth
  • Vary the shades of one color
  • Use your color scheme to direct visitors
  • Explore stain as a color option
  • Get inspired by materials in place of paint
  • Choose color as contrast to the landscape
  • Learn exterior color dos and don’ts
  • Go whimsical in your color approach
  • Pay attention to scale as it relates to color
  • Stick with the classics
  • Accent a single color
  • Follow the color restraint of materials

You can learn more about each of these tips and see pictures of houses where homeowners got it right by checking out the full slideshow here.

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Image Source: Olger Fallas